Before the shot, car’s flashlights at Paulista Avenue. Before a private studio, streets and all it’s colours. Before stills, observing all the movements around him. Before a camera on his hands, a hotdog. Before I, the other.

One who gets inside Marcus Hausser’s Studio can not tell his past. Must say, in such fast passed times, it’s hard to stop and mesmerize someone’s story. Nowadays, the studio is ready for editorials and advertising inside its 500m2. Yesterday, a hotdog cart at Paulista Avenue. That’s how Marcus Hausser built his path. Observing people, understanding different needs and delivering tailor-made flavour for each one.

You were expecting his description? Ok, let’s follow the protocol then. Marcus Hausser started assisting Richard Kohout and then many other renowned advertising photographers such as MaurĂ­cio Nahas, RogĂ©rio Miranda e Andreas Heineger. By the beginning of 2002, Hausser built his studio and started a new journey as a photographer. Since then, his work can be seen on jobs from the most important advertising agencies in Brazil.

These are some awards he reached through his carrier:

5 Lions in Cannes

Clio Awards

D&AD Awards

The One Show

Prix De La Photographie Paris

Black and White Spider Awards

Tokyo Photo Awards

London International Awards

IPA International Photography Awards

International Color Awards

One Eyeland Photographer of the year 2012 first edition

One Eyeland Photographer of the year 2016

Finally, I’ve told you about his professional path, now shall we make a detour back to Paulista Avenue – from the start. Streets bring curiosity to his eyes and that’s what guides Hausser’s work. That truth is still burning in each shot. The courage of one who sold his Hot Dog cart in order to turn himself into a photographer is still alive and present on the studio. Because the secret behind a job done with passion is to carry on, but never forget what brought us here.